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Father Mentor

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A father and his kids. That's the first image on this post. Does it trigger anything in you? Do you wish you could have a fun-filled relationship with your children?

I knew the love of my father in my childhood and literally took for granted that he would always be there. While working on Father-Mentor, I realised how lucky I am to have had such care in my formative years.

Many fathers relegate childcare to their wives because they had no model to follow. They assume that it is hard and unattainable. They assume that their efforts will never measure up.

In Father-Mentor, Bridget Elesin, a John Maxwell Coach, certified counsellor and marriage mentor, shows fathers how far reaching their little acts of neglect or attention can be. Using practical models and easy tips, this book provides clues for fathers looking to leave lasting legacies for their children.

It is a short and easy read, it is conversational, it is research-based and it's ideal for every father, mentor and father-to-be.

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